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Shattered screen?? It’s cheaper to fix than you think!

Let’s face it, when you drop your phone and see the screen shatter – your heart shatters too.

Platinum Link Screen Repair Prices.png


Our phones have become an extension of ourselves. They have our photos, videos, contacts and deep dark secrets hiding within our message history. When your phone is damaged, whether in a fit or rage or accidental, keep calm! Instead of looking for a replacement and starting over, you’d be surprised how affordable it can be to have the screen repaired!

Platinum Link Mobile has been repairing phones and tablets for over 5 years. In addition to getting your device fixed, they can also replace batteries, unlock phones and also stock second hand refurbished iPhones and a wide range of mobile and tablet accessories.

Our screen repair prices are competitive and available every day in store. Different mobiles can vary in repair times so please call to confirm your device and repair time before dropping it off.

We offer some additional specials for our customers in The Hills Shire and Surrounds.

For an additional;

$20 we will pickup your device from your home or office and repair repaired within 24 hours.

$50 we will visit you and repair your device on the spot.


Platinum Link Screen Repair Prices.png